Top 5 reasons to choose Camp Xplode

Top 5 reasons to choose Camp Xplode

Safe Camps

Our priority: Care for your child. Camp Xplode sets the standard of safety for outdoor camps in Leeds and beyond. Many camps look to us for best practices in teaching skills to children.

Old & New Friends

Campers return time and again. Your child makes new friends during fantastic adventures. Our professional educators foster teamwork through all camp activities and curriculum.

Legendary Location

Our camps journey into the wilderness. At Moorlands School we have an exclusive private setting and access to public parks —where kids can be kids: Adventuring off-trail, making forts, enjoying campfires, and more!

Fun Skills

Years of experience offer the best curriculum. Real skills such as archery, survival, role-playing and more. Original themes like Ultimate Survival.

Best Staff

Experienced educators teach authentic skills. Our training is highly respected in the field. Chosen through intensive interviews and background checks, the maturity of our staff is unparalleled.