Help Create Memories to Last a Lifetime

Host an international Camp Xplode child, in Summer 2018!

Next Summer Study Links are looking to organise a visit for a small number of international children to Camp Xplode for a couple of weeks. We hope they will experience the fun of camp, make new friends and create memories to last a lifetime.

As the children will be coming to the UK on their own, part of their experience will be to live with a host family, also known as a ‘Homestay family’. The homestay opens their home to the child and includes them in their normal day-to-day routine.

Study Links already work with many homestay families around the Leeds/Bradford area, however the children who join summer camps always enjoy their time more when they live in a homestay whose own child is also attending the same summer camp. Homestay families feel the satisfaction of helping an international child to enjoy a wonderful adventure and warm English hospitality.

We are looking for families with children joining Camp Xplode in Summer 2018 who want to participate in the rewarding experience of hosting an international child.

Typically, the international children will be European (with many coming from France), although we have had students join summer camps from South East Asia and other parts of the world. We aim to allocate a student who is of a similar age and gender to the host family’s own child, in the hope that a real friendship may form. We offer our host families advice and support throughout the experience. We also operate a 24/7 hotline to ensure that a representative from Study Links is available should you need them.

We do reimburse homestay families for the duration of the child’s stay, as we appreciate there are costs involved with hosting. We hope the real benefit will be the rewarding experience you receive from hosting a student, and the fond memories you can give to both yours and the visiting child as well.

It’s not unusual for host families to learn new languages, have positive long-lasting relationships, learn about new cultures and enjoy sharing with the world what living in England is really like.

In our experience, homestay families get even more than they ever anticipated out of hosting a student and we hope you will join us on the adventure of making both your and an international child’s summer unforgettable.

Please contact Study Links or email us directly to find out more about becoming a Homestay, and to start your own hosting journey.