Camp Xplode Survival Camp is BACK!

Not sure how to keep your budding Bear Grylls entertained over the school holidays? Then look no further. The Camp Xplode Survival Camp is BACK – and it’s brimming over with bushcraft that will drive your kids’ wild!

It’s all about the bushcraft…

Starting this Easter, and running across each school holiday up until the end of Summer break, our Moorlands venue once again plays host to this hugely popular camp for 8-16 year olds. It’s all about the bushcraft, this camp, with every day jam-packed full of activities such as shelter building, wilderness cooking, navigation and archery, and culminating in a team-based tribal competition every Friday. Our week-long programs are designed to offer the children something different every day, with activities also changing weekly, to ensure those who are with us all holiday never grow tired of the same scenarios –  whilst others only at camp for the odd day or two get to experience something a little different to other camps.

There is so much more to our Survival Camp than getting a little fresh air, although this is definitely a part of the package. Aside to the huge amount of fun your child can expect -which is standard across all of our camps and THE most important element, in our opinion –  there are multiple skills your child will pick up during their time with us, like these ones here:

  1. Teamwork and leadership

Through group-based activities, our campers are encouraged to develop their strengths as a leader and learn to appreciate how working as a team requires a focused effort from everybody to achieve a common goal.

     2. Self-confidence

Our staff are an inspiration to campers, providing guidance where it’s needed and giving a confidence boost to those who require some extra support and encouragement to step out of their comfort zone.

     3. Appreciation of the natural environment

Since most activities are performed outside it gives our campers an increased opportunity to learn all about the great outdoors, including facts about its natural inhabitants and plant life, and things they can do to help care for the world around them.

     4. Communication

Some children visiting our camp are doing so for the very first time, meeting people from all backgrounds, in a brand-new environment, and our team always encourages respectful and courteous behaviour whilst demonstrating ways to communicate effectively.

     5. Problem-solving

Many of our camp activities involve an element of thinking, from working out how to follow an orienteering map to learning the best way for a fire to light quickly, which gives children the opportunity to be analytical and resolve problems.

At Camp Xplode we are committed to providing children and young adults with the greatest multi-activity experience, whatever camp they attend. We share our ethos with our Survival Camp partner, Pennine Bushcraft, together with the belief in outdoor skills being of benefit to people’s everyday lives. So, if you’re interested in your 8-16year old developing their physical and mental skills whilst having fun with friends, old and new, this camp is perfect.

Dates for this year’s Survival Camps are below. So, pick the weeks you’d like your child to attend and jump onto our website to BOOK NOW!

3rd-6th April | 9th-13th April | 29th May – 1st June | 23rd-27th July | 30th July – 3rd Aug | 6th-10th Aug | 13th-17th Aug | 20th-24th Aug