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Football Camp

6-14 Years

Bring your child down to our new football camps and let them unleash their inner David Beckham!

Your child can enjoy football activities and matches whilst making new friends, learning and working as part of a team. Whether they are aspiring footballers or just up for some fun; this is the place for them as we cater to children of all abilities!

Our Team

Our staff are committed to taking care of your children and ensuring they have a great time whilst with us. They are all carefully selected, trained and dedicated to the welfare of your children and have been assessed and approved through the guidelines of both Ofsted and the Criminal Bureau Record.

When does Football Camp run?

Football camp runs in the mornings from 9:00am – 12:30pm and is combined with our Camp Active program in the afternoons.

The Schedule

A typical day on camp looks like this:


All camp attendees meet the coaches


Lunch and a chill


Warm up games to get everyone moving


Camp Active program


Football starts with structured skills and challenges


Camp Active program


More skills and challenges


Parent pickup


Football matches, fun and games

Supplement price of £30.00 per week.

2016/2017 Dates

  • February 17: 13th February – 17th February
  • May 17: 30th May – 2nd June
  • Summer 17: 24th July – 28th July
  • Summer 17: 14th August – 18th August
  • October 17: tbc

Sample Timetable / 9:00am - 12:30pm

Wrap around available 8:00am - 6:00pm

Mastering Ball Control


'Back of the Net' Shooting

Passing Techniques


Heading & Vollying

Defending & Tackling


Penalty Shoot-Out

Dribbling & Attacking


How to Finish

Perfecting Skills


Our Friday Football Competition