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14-17 Years


The ultimate teen club style chilled out holiday

For our older campers the same level of care and protection applies and the experience is all about the best challenges, maximum fun with plenty of time to chill out with friends and enjoy time away from everyday pressures. Lots of LOLS and “Bants” with our experienced Teen Club staff who get the balance just right and allow the group to tailor make their camp experience.

More action – A teen exclusive

It’s the sense of excitement, adventure and dawn till dusk fun. Our fun-filled teen zone will get the adrenaline going as these giant Inflatables present teen clubbers with fun filled challenges.

Quality downtime

Teen club is the perfect place to chill out with new friends, make the most of some quality, parent-free time away from home and be just you. Meet friends from across the world and determine camp at your own pace with more choice, more freedom and ultimately more fun.

Sample Timetable / 9.00am - 4:00pm

Wrap around available 8:00am - 6:00pm

Sample timetable coming soon.